Sneak Light
A Wheelchair Prototype By Benjamin Hubert & Materialise
Sneak Light Italic
Sneak Regular
Pierre Paulin
Sneak Regular Italic
Lucy Mckenzie & Laurent Dupont And Atelier Eb
Sneak Medium
Between All Chairs
Sneak Medium Italic
Winners Prix Émile Hermès Announced
Sneak Bold
Finland’s Big Year
Sneak Bold Italic
333 Years Of Making
Sneak Black
Daan Roosegaarde At D’days
Sneak Black Italic
Shared Visions
Sneak Mono
Aldo Bakker’s Mindful Design

Sneak is a sans-serif typeface featured by several reversed characters, designed by Fabian Fohrer in 2016. Sneak is available in five weights with matching italics as well as a monospaced version.